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Learn how to use the best Automatic Trading Software (known as Trading Bots) in the market today to get the highest returns on your cryptocurrency investments.

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Build passive wealth through crypto currency as we look towards an amazing future

ScavenJr is a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts dedicated to educating the masses on blockchain technology and wealth building. I founded Scavengr as I am a strong believer in blockchain technology and its future. We are not financial advisers or Wall Street Brokers. The opinions and advice we share on this site has been gained from long hours of personal experience in the crypto market. 
— James Ocheing.


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We offer a number of classes geared towards cryptocurrency. Form the beginner to the pro, we have a course for you. We also offer face-to-face classes if you are within our area. Check our local listing page for any of our meet-up groups and schedules.


Join our ICO evaluation classes and learn what to look for in a good or bad ICO. Learn how to do your research before you invest in any Cryptocurrency.


“What is Bitcoin??” Join our brand new beginners class where all your beginner questions are answered. No stupid questions in this course.


Join our Technical Analysis classes and learn how to read charts, candles, trends, moving averages, and much more. Learn popular TA sites such as Trading View and others.


Learn how to combine simple code in python with cryptocurrency. Explore programming on the blockchain such as Ethereum, and learn how to intergrate to various popular APIs.

Profit Trailer 2.0
Trading Bot

Get familiar with one of our favorite Automated Bitcoin Trading Bots in the market today.

Automatic Buy/Sell

Leave the bot to buy and sell 24 hrs a day round the clock.

PortFolio Tracking

Track your crypto portfolio investments.

TA Strategies

Use the bot to take advantage of some of the most widely used Technical Analysis strategies to Buy & Sell.

Amazing Community

Join our community and check out some of our amazing classes from beginner classes to pro courses.

PT Feeder Add-on


Unleash the power of ProfitTrailer Automatic Trading with this excellent add-on. Anticipate market changes in advance and set desired reactions to the changes.


Flexible user configuration for any market condition

Added Power

Adds even more automation to ProfitTrailer

Advanced Triggers

Advanced trigger settings for the TA (Technical Analysis) pros

Community Support

Amazing support community providing settings, help and experience.

TradingView TA Site

Trading view is the leading site in entry level to intermediate technical analysis. TradingView can be combined with various trading bots and software, or can be used as a stand-alone for your trading needs. We love tradingview’s functionality and offer classes on how to use the site, for beginners and pros alike. 


The Blockchain Revolution

Join ScavenJr and the Blockchain Revolution. Blockchain technology is here to stay. Get in on the ground floor before the masses and take advantage of your head start. Knowledge is the key. We do not focus on get rich schemes. We are dedicated to educating and helping our community grow and prosper with long term goals.

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